February 13th, 2014

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) highlights for a healthy life.  CES 2014 was filled with fitness technology this year. In fact, the conference even expanded the floor space for digital fitness exhibits by 30% to accommodate all of the new displays. It seems that more of us are paying close attention to our health these days than ever before.

Fitness technology advancements.  Have you ever used a pedometer to collect information about your exercise efforts? Now, there are more advanced devices that can not only measure your steps, they also can tell if you’ve climbed stairs, how you’re sleeping, your heart rate, perspiration, calories burned, even the temperature of your skin. It is truly amazing how far inventors have come with wearable fitness technology solutions.

Featured at the show…  Companies like FitBit, Life Fitness, and Runtastic showed off their new lineups of fitness products including wearable solutions to track your progress toward your fitness goals. Today, these types of exercise equipment and accessory companies are focused not only on physical machines for fitness, but hardware devices, software programs and online applications to promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone.

To learn more about the CES show exhibits and new technology for the coming year, visit for a full review. 

A silly technical support story to make you laugh!  We love each of you so much that we just had to share this tickling story to lighten your heart and prove to you, you’re not as technically un-savvy as you think. This story is from a technical support company out of state, but we just couldn’t pass it up.

Tech:  Good afternoon, this is John, thank you for calling technical support, how may I help you today?

Client:  You can give me my (colorful word of your choice) credit card back!

Tech:  I’m sorry? I don’t think I understand the situation. Can you explain how this issue began please?

Client:  Well, the computer froze up and asked me to pay to release my files with my credit card. So, I put it in the slot on the computer and now it won’t give me my (colorful word here) credit card back!!!

Tech:  Oh, um, I will send a technician onsite immediately to retrieve your credit card for you, are you available at 4pm?

Thank you for being a dream client.

May 3rd, 2013

Need a scanner to transmit files back to the office while you’re on the go? Brookstone’s Scanner Mouse is the ingenious consolidation of a standard wired laser mouse and a 100-400dpi scanner.

This mouse can make instant digital copies of documents, photos, artwork, articles, maps, receipts and more. Scanner Mouse lets you point, scroll and click just like a regular mouse, but it has a space-saving scanner built right in. All you do is click the Smart Scan button, swipe Scanner Mouse over your document in any pattern, and watch the image assemble itself. It can also scan and produce text files.

October 22nd, 2010

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